Many of our children and families lack basic necessities.  When we have a food service date it is beneficial to have some items on hand:

NOTE: Gently used items are accepted.  If donating hygiene products please ensure that have not been opened. 

1. Coats of all sizes (Sept-Mar)

2. Hoodies of all sizes (Sept-Mar)

3. Shoes of all sizes

4. New packs of socks- all sizes

5. New packs of underwear- all sizes

6. Jeans in all sizes.

7. Hygiene Items: soap, shampoo, toothpaste, tooth brushes


If you are interested in making a food or necessities donation click the link below and GET IN TOUCH! 


There are food items that are most beneficial in the areas we are serving.  Please see the list below if you are looking to make a food donation. 

NOTE: We are not a stationary food pantry- so we do not have the capacity to stock food.  All food is collected for the upcoming distribution date.

1. Large Jar of Peanut Butter 

2. Large Jar of Jelly

3. Pop Top Cans of Soup

4. Single Serving Mac and Cheese 

5.  Large Bag or Box of Cereal

6. Box of Granola Bars

7. Box of Pop Tarts

8. Pop Top Canned Meat

9. Individual Pop Top Fruit

10. Individual Pop Top meals (i.e-Raviolis)

11. Bags of Fresh Fruit are accepted ON DATE OF SERVICE.





Financial contributions play a crucial role in ensuring we have enough food to feed the children. There are several options for financial participation in our program:

NOTE: 100% of financial contribution goes toward food and food supplies.  All other operations are through volunteered time. 

1. Routine Monthly Contribution

2. Routine Annual Contribution

3. One Time Contribution




Food, Basic Necessities and Financial

We are a small, grassroots charity and do all of our own pickups around our jobs and families. Please call 918-760-4731 to schedule a donation pick up or drop off.